POST NO. 228, 

Georgetown, Texas

Next meeting July 17, 2022,
3:00 pm, at The Legacy Oaks, Sun City

Elections will be at the July meeting


Larry Mladek                 Commander

Lucy Gill                         Vice Commander

Bill Jones                        Chaplain

Dick Gill                          Assistant Chaplain

Richard Taylor                Finance Officer

Jim Watters                    Assistant Finance Officer

Tom Bigley                     Sgt At Arms

Sam Dolsen                   2nd Vice Commander and Assistant Sgt At Arms

Tim Moore                     Post Service Officer

Mike Vallow                   Adjutant, Assistant Service  Officer

Executive Committee:   Tony Cordato, Alma McGraw, Dick Gill, Art Wert

If you are interested in running for office, contact the Post Commander ASAP!

Thanks to the following local businesses that have made donations to American Legion Post 228 in support of our scholarship program:

Pokey Jo's BBQ

All Star Liquor (located by Randalls)

Reids Cleaners (located by HEB)


American Legion Post 228 Honor Flight - May 2022

Front row left: Larry Mladek, Sam Dolson, Leo Cordato, Ali McGraw, Lucy Gill, Mike Miller, Bob Herwig, Charles Brock, Chas Cresch, Art Wert, Bennie Hardin, John Kucher,

Back row from left: Tom Bigley, Gary Dennett, Richard Hendley, Ed Quillen, Robert Simmons, Richard Gill, Mike Vallow, Jim Watters, Frank Rauch, John Carovello

American Legion Post 228 lady veterans meet one Saturday a month for coffee and fellowship.


From top left: Joyce Wert, Carol Solesbee, Deb Jones, Lynn Ruestow, Cathy Godfrey, Sue Jordan

Seated: Marie Murphy, Margaret Rose, Lucy Gill